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HEP-Proizvodnja d.o.o.

About us

HEP Generation d.o.o. is a limited liability company with issued licences for the performance of two energy activities: electricity generation and heat energy production for central heating systems of Zagreb, Osijek and Sisak.

In 2014, its power plants generated the total of 9,805 GWh of electricity (8,355 GWh or 74.3% by hydro power plants, and 1,450 GWh or 12,9% by thermal power plants).

Compared to the 2014 plan, a 7% lower generation was achieved with 4% increased hydro and 29% decreased thermal generation.

Apart from generation by HEP Generation own facilities, electricity production was carried out by TE Plomin d.o.o. as well (until 28 May 2015, the company was co-owned by RWE and HEP, today it is fully owned by HEP d.d.). In 2014, TE Plomin d.o.o. generated 1,411 GWh of electricity, a 1% decrease compared to the 2013 generation.

HEP Generation and TE Plomin d.o.o. generating facilites produced a total of 11,246 GWh of electricity in 2014, a 7% decrease compared to 12,132 GWh of electricity produced in 2013.

Annual production achieved by HEP Proizvodnja (GWh)


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