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The river Drava has a total basin of 42238 m2, flowing through five European countries. Its length in Croatia is 323 km.

Three hydro power plants were built on the Drava: Varaždin (1975), Čakovec (1982) and Dubrava (1989). They are multi-purpose hydro power plants, the main purposes being: electricity generation, water supply, flood control, land erosion protection, irrigation, drainage, transport.

The power plants are low-pressure, diversion type and with reservoirs for full daily and partial weekly regulation of inflow. Each of the three hydro power plants has a small generating unit (biological minimum generating unit located at the dam). In addition, Čakovec has one and Dubrava has two small generating units on the left drainage ditch. All three power plants are controlled from one point , a Control Center situated in Varaždin. This optimizes electricity generation in conformity with optimum water management.

This provides:

  • electricity generation increase through water use optimization,
  • increase of generating set operational availability through time and maintenance duration planning,
  • safe passage of large water flows through the hydro power plant system.

Director: Miljenko Brezovec



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