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Hydro South

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The Generation Area South unites the hydro power system in the basin of the river Cetina (Peruća, Orlovac, Đale, Zakučac, Kraljevac hydro power plants and Buško Blato pumping station), the basin of the river Krka and on the Gračac Plateau (Velebit pumped storage hydro power plant).

The Peruća reservoir is the first large reservoir in the karstic terrain and the first remote reservoir of the Cetina River power system. The useful capacity of the reservoir significantly influences the regulation of the Cetina flow in downstream power generation facilities from the Sinjsko Field to the Adriatic Sea. The head achieved by the construction of the Peruća dam is utilized in the adjacent-to-dam Peruća hydro power plant.

The Orlovac hydro power plant is a high pressure diversion plant whose facilities are situated in two countries: the reservoir with the associated facilities and a part of the headrace tunnel are in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the other part of the headrace tunnel, surge tank, penstock, powerhouse and tailrace channel of the powerhouse are in Croatia. In addition to the Buško Blato reservoir, there is the Mandak reservoir. If the flow from the Livanjsko Field is greater than the flow needed by the power plant, it is transferred through the reversible channel Lipa- Buško Blato to the Buško Blato reservoir by way of the reversible pump turbine of the Buško Blato pumping station.

The Đale hydro power plant is situated in the canyon of the river Cetina downstream of Trilj. It uses energy potential at a head of 21 m between the Sinjsko Field and the Prančevići reservoir. For generation it uses the trained waters of the river Cetina. The Zakučac hydro power plant is situated at the mouth of the river Cetina into the sea near Omiš. By its capacity and generation, Zakučac is the biggest hydro plant in the river Cetina basin, representing about 69 percent of total annual production. The Kraljevac hydro power plant is situated 21 km from the mouth of the Cetina into the sea. After phase two was constructed in 1932, with a total installed capacity of 67.2 MW, it was the biggest hydro power plant in this part of Europe. After commissioning stage two of the Zakučac hydro power plant in 1980, Kraljevac lost its earlier significance.

The Velebit pumped storage hydro plant uses the Ričica, Opsenica, Otuče and Krivka waters from the Gračac Plateau. The Golubić hydro power plant uses the river Butišnica, which belongs to the basin of the river Krka, and is situated near Knin, at the village of Golubić. Downstream of Knin there is the Miljacka hydro power plant which was built near four waterfalls: Brljana, Manojlovac, Rošnjak and Miljacka. The Jaruga hydro power plant, one of the oldest hydro plants in the world, is the last power plant in the basin of the river Krka from its source to the sea.

Director: Vice Oršilić

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