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Hydro West

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Generation Area West comprises hydro power plants which utilize water of the rivers Krka (Ozalj hydro power plant), Ogulinska Dobra and Zagorska Mrežnica (Gojak hydro power plant), Lokvarka, Križ stream , Ličanka, Lepenica, Kostanjevica, Potkoša and Benkovac stream (Vinodol hydro power system), Rječina (Rijeka), Lika and Gacka (Senj hydro power system). In 2010, on the Dobra River, Lešće, a 41.4 MW hydro power plant, was put in trial operation.

The river Kupa springs in the northeastern part of the Mt. Risnjak and flows into the river Sava near Sisak. Its main tributaries are: Kupica, Dobra, Korana with Mrežnica and Glina. The three above mentioned hydro power plants are built in this basin.

The entire Vinodol hydro system has been tailored to the requirements of the Vinodol hydro power plant. The intake for the Vinodol power plant is in the Bajer reservoir into which water from Velika Ličanka and Kostanjevica stream and from the Lokvarka reservoir (through Fužine plants in Bajer reservoir) and Lepenica (through Lepenica plants in Lepenica reservoir) is discharged. These plants of Fužine and Lepenica, in turbine mode, deliver water from Lokvarka and Lepenica reservoirs, respectively, to Bajer reservoir; in pumping mode, when flows are large and to prevent overflow on the Bajer dam, water is transferred in the opposite direction ( from Bajer reservoir to Lokvarka and Lepenica reservoirs). Križ pumping station transfers Križ stream waters to Lokvarka reservoir and Lič pumping stations  pumps part of the Ličanka water and water from the Potkoš reservoir into the main supply pipe. The water of the Benkovac stream are also channeled to the Lič pipeline.

On the Rječina near the village of Grohovo, there is a concrete gravity dam, where the intake for the Rijeka hydro power plant and the reservoir are situated.

The Senj hydro system utilizes water potential of the Lika and the Gacka. The basic concept of this system is channeling the river Lika water into the river Gacka, bringing it via a common diversion system though the Gacka Field and Mt. Velebit to its coastal side and utilization for energy purposes in the Senj hydro power plant.

The Sklope hydro power plant, as part of the Senj hydro system, is an adjacent-to-dam plant which utilizes water potential of the river Lika.

Director: Milutin Burić


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